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Antique Bookends of Early to Mid 1900s

20th Century bookends are highly collectible for a variety of reasons…  from the materials used to the particular foundry producing the piece and how long they stayed in business.  We have some of the rarest and best quality vintage bookends ever produced by a variety of the major foundries of the time, most of which were only around from the late 1800’s until the 1950’s.

Click on any of the underlined blue links below to retrieve the list of items for sale by that foundry. Bookends from other manufacturers can be found under “Other Foundries”, as we do not yet have enough items from those manufacturers to create a separate list.

Sand Cast Iron, Bronze Bookends:

Art Colony         Bradley and Hubbard                  BronzMet

Connecticut Foundry        Hubley           Judd Co            LITTCO          MP          

New York Brass Co            Verona               W.B.Weidlich Bros         

Permanent Mold Solid and Slush Casting.  Gray Metal:

Dodge       Frankart        JB Hirsch         Jennings Brothers   K&O

McClelland Barclay       N.A.L.Co.           Nuart          PM Phila.Mfg           

Ronson / L.V.Aaronson             X-1 Co.              

Bronze Clad, Electroformed (or galvano) Casting Bookends:

Armor Bronze                Galvano Bronze            Kathodion Bronze Works 

LaFRANCE                     Marion Bronze                Pompeian Bronze

Items from all    OTHER FOUNDRIES